Monday, September 04, 2006

My Journey

During the third week of October, I am heading down to the Antarctic interior for three months where I'll work as a Communications Officer at a remote field camp called Patriot Hills, about 600 or so miles from the Pole. I have dreamed of working in Antarctica since I was fourteen years old, and when the possibility of fulfilling this dream came 38 years later in the form of an email from Australia about two weeks ago, I was powerless to resist. Gigi and the entire family have been enthusiastically supportive. There is no Internet access at the base but there is limited access to email, so I have established this blog to keep you all up to date. Please feel free to post comments. Adam

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Kev Lamb said...

Hey Adam
Fantastic Blog! Even my wife is fascinated! Very good to learn about your exploits, the environment and logistics.
Great to work you on 7MHz today. Many thanks for the QSO; I look forward to the next one.
Alton - UK