Thursday, September 07, 2006

Gigi Says: "Good Thing They Didn't Ask Me If You Can Cook!"

The folks in Antarctica had a pretty definite idea of what they were looking for. Aside from cooking, Gigi said that this was a job I had preparing for my entire life. Here is the hiring criteria they had prepared:

· Native English language speaker. If not native, then a demonstrated high oral proficiency in
English with no heavy accent that would impede clear voice communications over radio

· Previous experience with aircraft operations involving fixed wing aircraft and / or helicopters using long haul HF SSB and short haul VHF AM or FM voice circuits.

· Demonstrated ability operating modern HF Single Side Band & VHF radio receivers and transmitters.

· Demonstrated ability with standard ITU radio procedures, codes and log keeping

· Demonstrated ability with standard ITU Distress, Urgency & Safety communications procedures

· Demonstrated ability to operate satellite equipment for voice and data calls. Understanding of satellite orbits, especially differences between geostationary and polar orbits and associated advantages / limitations.

· Ability to touch type (or otherwise type reasonably fast)

· Commercial Radio Operator License, Unrestricted (Full) Amateur License.

· First Aid certificate

· Understanding of HF (ionospheric) and VHF (line of sight) propagation & limitations

· Understanding of HF & VHF antenna theory. Able to diagnose and rectify simple antenna faults using basic test equipment and tools

· Familiar with and able to use basic radio test equipment such as Voltage Standing Wave Meter, Power Meter, Volt Meter etc.

· Demonstrated ability to use a soldering iron

· Able to understand block and circuit diagrams and diagnose major equipment & component faults (such as blown transistors, short circuit diodes, open fuses, short circuit capacitors, burned out resistors etc.) using basic test equipment

· Understanding of solar panel technology & its limitations (such as max. current per unit of solar radiation / insolation angle etc.), DC Voltage regulators DC – AC converters

· Understanding of different types of batteries (Lead Acid wet & gel, Nicads, Nickel Hydrides, Lithium Ion, Lithium Polymer etc. and the different charging regimes.

· Understanding of Specific Gravity & able to use hygrometer to diagnose when a battery has past its “useful service life” (i.e. not holding charge, not able to deliver sufficient power at a specified current etc.)

· Able to diagnose and rectify simple faults in power supplies, voltage converters, chargers & batteries.

· Understanding of (and able to tell the difference between) natural and man-made interference, how it is caused and general methods used to reduce or eliminate it

· Computer skills: Intermediate computing knowledge. ALE uses PCs, mostly running Windows OS, some using LINUX.

· Computer skills: Proficiency using Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel etc.) Able to assist others in ‘helpdesk’ style tasks.

· Computer skills: Familiarity with main web browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape, etc.)

· Computer skills: Familiarly with main email clients. POP3 and similar

· Mechanical skills such as able to repair or make simple metal or wooden articles using basic mechanical tools (drill, hacksaw, file, taps & dies etc.)

· Understanding of and / or previous experience using HF data modes such as Pactor, or Amtor.

· Computer applications knowledge in common packages such as Microsoft Word & Excel (i.e. “help desk” type skills – assisting staff & clients with problems associated with using a particular applications package, rather than dealing with a software bug or loading problem).

· Computer networking skills, knowledge of Ethernet, TCP/IP, Ping command & Wireless LAN,

· Able to set up peripherals such as printers, scanners, digital cameras etc.

· Understanding of data protection and confidentially issues

· Rigger experience, e.g. able to use a gin pole, swage machine, turnbuckles, bulldog grips, D shackles etc. Understanding of mechanical stress, strain, guying techniques, pulleys etc.

· Language abilities in Spanish or Russian

· Proficiency in Morse Code (any speed)

· Communications Tower Rescue training or experience

· Mountain Rescue or similar “Search & Rescue” type training or experience (such as Fire Brigade, Police, Armed Forces, National Guard, State Emergency Services)

· Understanding of meteorological instruments & observations, experience with AWS

· Cooking Skills

· Advanced First Aid / Paramedic skills


Anonymous said...

After reviewing the critieria, I can honestly say that I do not possess a single qualification. Burt Ross

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! If you know all this (and I believe you are)it is very impressive. Even cooking! Or should I listen what Gigi says? And Russian? Or is it Spanish?