Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Departure from Antarctica

Last night's flight with 49 passengers went without a hitch. I was at the threshold for the landing when the beast came in.

The weather looks great today. Mostly clear sky and light winds. The Ilyushin should take off from Punta Arenas this afternoon and arrive this evening. I have dug the valances of my tent out of the snow and ice in anticipation of dropping it at a moment's notice. Now in the process of packing up. Last thing I do at the base when the plane arrives is drop the antennas, unplug and box the radios, and off we go.

Have a day of debriefing and a staff dinner before departing Punta. Will send my flight arrival information when I learn it.



Anonymous said...


I was there in December for a climbing expedition and talked with you on a few occasions. I have really enjoyed reading your blog this season. I was wondering if you have a weather log of temperatures and wind speed this season at Patriot Hills? If so could you email or forward a link?

Best wishes on your return, I’m sure the family will be glad your home.

Jim Wood

marc de brabandere said...

thanks for the QSO on 20m SSB with you Adam.
Patriot Hills was a new one for me!!
73, have a safe journey back home.
Marc, ON5FP